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Holly Hill, Fla. – Metra Electronics, the Installer’s Choice as the leading manufacturer of car stereo dash kits for 65 years, also has led the industry in education for the past 18 years through its Installer Institute.

Now for the first time, Metra’s has produced a 14-set video Installer Institute Training Series for do-it-yourself car stereo installers.

“The video series is much more in-depth than other training videos or hot rod TV shows,” says Jason Anderson, director of the Installer Institute and narrator for the video series. “It’s great for do-it-yourselfers and those who work in the industry, but it’s not a substitute for our certified 10-week course.”

The videos cover general and advanced installation of head units, amps and speakers; navigation, security and remote-start systems; enclosure design and construction; router techniques; fiberglass and plexi-glass techniques; welding; motorization; door panel and dash modifications; painting interior panels; and trunk customization.

“We cover the latest and greatest techniques and tools,” says Anderson, a master-certified installer, former shop manager and Installer Institute graduate. “For example, we show what welding can do for safety and strength, cost-saving ways to custom paint interior panels, and the latest router techniques.”

The training series utilizes the resources of the Installer Institute that includes Anderson and two other instructors who are master-certified installers through the MECP – three of only 100 master-certified installers nationwide.

The entire Installer Institute Training Series of 14 DVDs is just $595, or $49 for individual DVDs. To order, call a Metra sales representative at (800) 221-0932 or visit Metra Electronics online at . Based in Holly Hill, Fla., Metra Electronics, is the global leader in car stereo dash kits and auto sound accessories.

Ethereal Home Theater proudly announces the new iXpand 3G™ spare battery designed for the Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and the IPod Touch 2G.

Look for the displays at CES at the Ethereal booth #21402 and the iXpand 3G booth #36720.

The iXpand 3G is a unique snap-on device that rapidly recharges the internal batteries of iPhones and iPods – no need to have them connected all day. The iXpand 3G™ has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and an elegant design that matches the iPhone 3G™.with no bulky connection cables.

The iXpand 3G provides up to 3 hours of talk time and up to 100 hours of standby time. Its small and lightweight design makes it easy to carry in a purse or pocket to ensure iPhone owners are never stuck with a dead battery again.

The iXpand 3G features Ethereal’s exclusive TuneLink technology, which makes it one of the only iPhone 3G accessories that allows users to enjoy full use of iTunes™ while the iXpand battery is attached. The unit recharges using iPhone 3G™ AC adapter and USB cable and includes LED indicators that show charging status.

Ethereal Home Theater, based in beautiful Holly Hill, Florida with dealers nationwide, is a leading manufacturer of electronic accessories and specialized audio/video cables. For more information call toll-free at (866) 839-9187.


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